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The purchase of a home is probably the single most important investment you will make. If you're like many of us, you've owned a "lemon" automobile at some point, but with the purchase of a house, you can't afford the same mistake. It's for this reason that standard real estate contracts include provisions for a home inspection. The deal should rely on the completion of professional inspections. There are a variety of inspections:

What is a home inspection?

Southern Nevada Association of Professional Property InspectorsA home inspection is a non-invasive visual inspection of the general systems and components of a home to identify items in need of repair (major or minor). A licensed inspector has a good general knowledge of how systems should operate in a home, but the inspector is not a specialist. For example, if he sees a black discoloration on the wall under the sink, his job is to note this on his report and recommend a mold inspection. Likewise, if he sees broken roof tiles or missing shingles, he will suggest a roof inspection or certification by a licensed roof inspector. In short, the inspector's job is to supply you with a report detailing the condition of the home's systems.

An inspection will take a few hours, depending on the size of the home. As the buyer's agent, I attend all inspections so that I will understand the details of the inspector's report and will be in a better position to negotiate the resolution of any problems that arise. The sellers are often present as well and can be very helpful.

In most cases, a home inspection is sufficient to assure buyers that their new home is in good shape. A thorough home inspection will nearly always turn up a few minor defects and sellers are usually quite willing to correct these problems. However, sometimes major items arise, such as building code violations or broken air conditioning units, and these need to be addressed through negotiations and reinspections.

How much is a home inspection?

Home inspection prices are based on the total square footage of the structure including the living area and garage. A typical home inspection will cost in the $200-300 range. A reinspection will be considerably less. The buyer pays for the original inspection.

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