Las Vegas Escrow

Links to Las Vegas Escrow Closing information

From the time you have an accepted contract to purchase a home in Las Vegas until you receive the keys, there are many steps to be completed. The following links will explain the process in detail.

  • Closing Costs - a breakdown of closing costs in Las Vegas Nevada.
  • Closing the Deal - detailed description of all the steps from a signed contract to the final walk-through inspection and possession.
  • Closing a VA deal - Allowable and non-allowable closing costs for veterans. Who can pay what.
  • The Appraisal - What is the home worth. Your lender wants to know. The Comparative Market Analysis CMA and the professional appraisal explained.
  • Vesting - The legal method of taking title to a home... joint tenants, community property, trust etc.
  • Home Inspection - Various types of home inspections explained in detail.