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Las Vegas High-Rise Condos

Las Vegas High-Rise Condominiums

High-rise condos are dotting the Las Vegas skyline. It was only a few years ago that the tallest buildings in town were the casinos, but with land prices rising and investment opportunities galore, it was only a matter of time until "manhattanization" spread to Las Vegas. High-rise condos don't come cheaply. One can spend over a million dollars for a two bedroom unit. Yet for the homebuyer who is accustomed to New York or Miami prices, Vegas high-rises make a sensible alternative.

High-Rise condoThese buildings offer exceptional views of the Strip or the surrounding mountain ranges. Most early developments have occurred in close proximity to the Strip, but lately other high-rise projects have emerged in more suburban locations.





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While two-bedroom units are the most common, 1-bedroom and 3-bedroom units are available.

In addition to the typical high-rise condos traditional, single story, mid-rise, and apartment conversions units are also available.


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