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What is the direction of housing growth in Las Vegas?

  • 40 years ago, the answer was "East" (Pardee, College Park 89101)
  • 30 years ago it was "South and West" (Pardee & Sproul,Fran Park and Charleston Heights 89121 and 89107)
  • 20 years ago it was still "South and West" (Pardee Encore, 89120 and Spring Valley,89103) but with many more builders in the frey
  • 15 years ago it was Green Valley (89014) and Summerlin (89134).
  • 5 years ago the growth jumped south over Lake Mead Drive into Anthem, Seven Hills, and MacDonald Ranch, and newer villages in Summerlin spread south along Town Center Drive all the way to Charleston Boulevard.

So where's the "growth vector" today?

  • It's SouthWest, (Southern Highlands, 89141, Coronado Ranch, 89139, Nevada Trails, 89113, Rhodes Ranch & Southern Terrace 89148)
  • It's also NorthWest (Lynbrook, Iron Mountain Ranch, 89131 and Spring Mountain Ranch, 89143)
  • It's also South/Henderson(Anthem and Seven Hills 89052 and Horizon Ridge Parkway 89012)
  • It's also West (Summerlin, 89135 and now west of the beltway, 89138)
  • It's also North (future American Nevada Corp and Del Webb joint venture)

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