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The Smiths


One Sunday, the Smiths were reading the Real Estate section of the newspaper and decided it was time to purchase a home. They had been renting an apartment for a couple of years and felt that it would be more prudent to put their money into a real estate investment rather than paying rent. They weren't quite sure what they could afford but their friends had recently bought a home for $225,000 so they figured that would be a safe price.

They located three subdivisions in the newspaper and called each for directions. That afternoon they visited the models at all three tracts and were very impressed with the homes and with the friendly sales staff. Mary was particularly taken with the marble countertops at Acme Heights.

Comparison shopping is a good consumer tool, so they decided to look at a few more tracts, just to be safe. After poring over brochures, floor plans and prices, they decided to return to Acme Heights. The saleslady at Acme assured them that their favorite model, the Sagebrush, could be completed and ready to move in within six months. All she needed was a $1,000. deposit to start the process. This check would reserve the building lot. 

The base price was $225,000. and the lot premium for a cul-de-sac was $3,000. Seated at the sales desk, they were presented with a list of possible options. Would they like a fireplace? "Oh I thought that was included" said Mary. The marble countertops added another $3,000, mirrored closet doors $450 and a covered patio $2,400. Now they were looking at a price of $233,850.! The saleslady assured the Smiths that the monthly payments would be $1,480 plus taxes and insurance. She then directed them to the ABC Carpet Co. to select their flooring.

At ABC, Mary discovered that the upgraded carpet in the Sagebrush model would cost an additional $3,500 so she settled for the basic flooring package and chose a light gray. 

John and Mary Smith took possession of their new Sagebrush home three months later. Somehow it didn't feel like the model. They had paid the full price, plus upgrades, and were charged the full interest rate to boot. Where had they gone wrong? 

Salespeople at new home tracts work for the builder... period! A Buyer's Agent, on the other hand, works for YOU. I can help guide you through the new home buying process and probably save you thousands of dollars. And the best part is... my service is free to you. 

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