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Listing vs Buyers Agent

Las Vegas Listing Agent VS. Buyers Agent (Broker)



Promote the Seller's best interest. Promote the Buyer's best interest.


Collect a larger amount to protect the seller Suggest a minimum amount


To the seller, that the buyer is willing to offer more and urgently wants the home.The buyer intends to resell at a profit. Will not tell the buyer about the seller's pending divorce. Tell the buyer that the seller is near foreclosure and that the property is overpriced. Other homes are available at a better price. Will not tell seller that the buyer intends to open a boarding house.


Will suggest taking the home "as is".
Will downplay any defects.
Will encourage professional home inspections.
Use negatives to negotiate a better price.


Show properties where the commission is highest such as their own or their company's listings.
Choose the best time of day to show. Emphasize all of the positive features.
Show any property regardless of listing company or agent. listings. Suggest visiting neighborhood at various times to determine traffic, noise etc.


Must reveal to the seller that the buyer has prepared two offers, in case the first offer is not accepted. If the buyer has prepared two offers, the agent will present the first without revealing the fact that a second offer exists.


Suggest that the seller only offer if asked to provide a warranty. Ask the seller to provide a warranty.


Did you notice the lovely tile roof?
Sensational, sparkling pool!
We should write an offer right away!
The owner says that utilities are very low.
Fido is a very friendly beagle.
The owner converted the garage into a den.
This home is an exceptional value.
A rare find.
Imported Italian tile in the master bath.
The owner is anxious.
Beautiful mountain views.
Step saver kitchen.
Estate sized lot.
Exquisite, expansive and elegant.
I advertise properties on the internet.
I noticed that a few tiles were missing.
The pool decking needs some work.
This home has been on the market 4 months.
Let's ask to see utility bills for the past year.
The carpet may need to be replaced.
Were permits obtained?
This home is overpriced...try a lower offer.
An odd property.
Do the owners have any spare tiles for repairs?
How anxious?
Do the windows have solar screens?
Small kitchen.
How much are the property taxes?

Technically, a buyer's brokerage is a company where all agents represent buyers exclusively. This is very rare. The more common situation is to locate a Buyer's Agent (such as myself) who does not accept listings and will act solely on your behalf.

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