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Las Vegas Home Search

Las Vegas Home Search

How do we search for a Las Vegas home? Well, we could start by picking up copies of all the real estate magazines and brochures located at the entrance to most supermarkets. These magazines are full of pictures, photos of the homes and the listing agents. You will never find an address so that you could drive by for a peek. If you call the agent, they will usually be reluctant to give you the address without trying to set up an appointment or at least get your name and phone number. Hey, we're not ready to make any sort of commitment yet... we just want the address of the home that we found in the magazine.

Let's try searching on the internet. So we go to Google or MSN and type "Las Vegas real estate" into the search box. Wow! The search on Google gives us 7,810,000 results. I know that the Las Vegas real estate market is hot, but there can't be seven million local agents! As a matter of fact there are about 7,000 licensed agents on Las Vegas and most of them don't have a website. So what's going on? Well, there are national companies called "click merchants" who try to get your name and contact information and then sell it to a realtor. You would have gotten many of the same results if you had searched for "Miami real estate" or "Chicago real estate".

There are also national companies that sell generic sites to agents. These sites are very well designed but offer little specific information relating to local conditions. For example, they may contain a page on closing costs with general information that applies anywhere in the country but nothing to tell you what costs are common in Nevada.

The real estate sections of local newspapers usually rank high in the search engine results. But the information there is mostly just an internet version of the real estate magazines discussed earlier.

By searching through the search engine results you can find legitimate sites. A real agents site will give you their name, address, company affiliation, phone number, and maybe even their real estate license number. Now we can get to the heart of the search. Does the agent's site have links to the "multiple listing service" (MLS) database and to a database of new homes? If the site doesn't have these links, move on to another agent..

In fact, you are already on the most comprehensive Las Vegas home site on the internet. can be found at Las Vegas real estate. This is an excellent resource when searching for a Las Vegas home.

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