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Buyers Agent?

Before you make your first inquiries you should understand that all real estate agents are not created equal. Most agents act in two capacities. They will list homes for sale as well as work with buyers to find a home. This represents two types of agency... listing and buyer. As a listing agent, the person has a fiduciary responsibility to get the best possible deal for the seller. A buyer's agent, on the other hand, should be working to negotiate the best deal for the buyer. Here's the rub. Sooner or later the agent, who began as a buyer's agent, will take you to one of their own listings. At that point, you have entered into a dual-agency relationship. The realtor should disclose that fact right up front. This agent is now trying to wear two hats... and they don't fit very well.

Types of Buyers Agent

There are basically 3 types of buyers agent. The first is the type previously described. This agent will list homes for clients while trying to work as a buyer's agent with you. The second types are usually new agents. Most new agents will take business any way they can get it and, since they do not have any listings of their own, will act as a buyer's agent until they do find listings. New agents are trained to acquire listings. The old saying in the business goes like this... "You've got to list if you want to last".

Exclusive Buyer's Agent

The best possible situation is to locate a buyers agent who is experienced and does not accept listings. This would be someone who has consciously chosen to be an exclusive buyer's agent and is not tempted by the easy approach of listing homes. These agents are scarce but well worth locating.

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