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This section of the site is intended to help registered clients of Jim McEachern. It contains detailed information required to complete the purchase of a home in the Las Vegas market. The financing of a home as well as the sales contracts involved have become very sophisticated proceedures involving many disclosures and Nevada laws. If you are not registered, you may do so here

It is also very important to understand local real estate conditions. For example; escrow operates differently here than in many other states. In the east, for example, it is customary to have a "round table" closing where all parties, the buyer, the seller, their respective agents and lawyers are present around a table. At that type of closing payments are made and keys are exchanged. Here, on the other hand, buyers and sellers customarily attend separate signings with their respective agents and an escrow officer (lawyers are seldom employed). In Nevada the deal is considered closed and the buyer takes possession only after the deed is recorded with the Clark County recorder. This is usually the day after funds have been transferred.

In Nevada, real estate agents work for either the seller or the buyer, but not both. An agent can only work for both parties by disclosing the conflict of interest involved between the parties and obtaining the written consent of the parties. Since I do not list properties, this dual agency situation will not arise... I will represent your interests solely.

Please take the time to read the contracts on this site. Common sense dictates that you should always read a contract before signing but as the paperwork has become so voluminous in recent years the task becomes more daunting. Please review these documents.




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